10 Funny Marriage Quotes To Blow Your Mind

10 Funny Marriage Quotes To Blow Your Mind

Marriage is a sacred relation between two people. In India it is said that after marriage the Bride become better half of Groom. It is also said that a bride brings happiness and prosperous with her. In this post we are going to post 10 Funny Marriage Quotes To Blow Your Mind. What we will do along with this is to give points to both husband and wife according to quote in which they are having more importance or we can say are dominating that quote. So at the end the one who will be having more points out of 10 will win.

10 Funny Marriage Quotes To Blow Your Mind

10 Funny Marriage Quotes To Blow Your Mind

I have learned that only two things are necessary to keep one’s wife happy. First, let her think she’s having her own way. And second, let her have it.

Wife -1 , Husband – 0

My husband and I married for better or worse!! He couldn’t have done better and I couldn’t have done worse!

Wife – 2, Husband – 0

A man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished.

Wife – 3 , Husband – 0

Never Laugh at your wife’s decisions, You are one of them.

Wife – 4, Husband – 0

When a man opens the door of his car for his wife,
you can be sure of one thing:
either the car is new or the wife.

Wife – 5, Husband – 0

I asked my wife, “Where do you want to go for our
anniversary? ” She said,”Somewhere I have never been!” I told her,
“How about the kitchen?” :p

Wife – 5, Husband – 1

My wife got a mudpack and looked great for two days. Then
the mud fell off. :p

Wife – 5, Husband – 2

A couple came upon a wishing well. The husband
leaned over, made a wish
and threw in a coin.
The wife decided to make a wish, too. But she leaned
over too much, fell
into the well, and drowned. The husband was stunned
for a while but then
smiled “It really works.” :p

Wife – 5, Husband – 3

Dear Mother-in-law, I don’t need you to teach me how to handle my children. I’m living with one of yours & he needs a lot of improvement.

Wife – 6, Husband – 3

A husband asks his wife:
- If I die, will you remarry?
- Of course no, darling, I will stay with my sister. And if I die, will you remarry?
- No, I will also stay with your sister.

Wife – 6, Husband – 4

So here is the result, As everybody predicted its obvious that wife wins. By these quotes we don’t have any intentions to hurt any husband :p. But if you are hurt its a bitter truth that wife ROCKS :p

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