11 Most Essential Beauty Tips for Brides Before Marriage

11 Most Essential Beauty Tips for Brides Before Marriage

Big Smile on Big Day

To get a perfect smile on your wedding day, you must have pearls-like teeth. There are so many options like whitening strips, teeth bleaching and teeth rubbing. You can use lemon and strawberries to rub your teeth. And rinse with cold water. Raw vegetables and carrots are also useful for removing stains on your teeth.

Get in Shape

Most important beauty tips for brides before marriage? Get slim! A flat tummy and slim body would make a bride look like a model. Go join some gym and shed those extra pounds and shape up your body with at least six months wedding fitness plan.

Pre Wedding Facials

Your skin needs consistent care leading up to the wedding day. Give your skin a jump-start by opting for regular facials on monthly basis. This way your aestheticians will better understand your skin type, hair and nails and would choose the most suitable products. Regular massaging on your skin and scalp would improve your blood circulation that would automatically lead towards a glowing pink skin.

Water and Fruit Nourishment

Water is essential for fresh looking skin irrespective of any skin type. Besides drinking plenty of water, sipping on watermelon juice or eating watermelon on regular basis is the best idea. Watermelon has 92% water and vitamin A B6 and C that is essential for fresh looking skin. Other fruits like grapefruit, broccoli and lettuce can also be used for healthy skin. The one of beauty tips for brides before marriage to never ignore? Hydrate!

Suitable Moisturizer

Moisturizing is the key factor behind a fresh looking skin. Choose a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type. For oily skin, you do not need to moisturize but you must not stop hydration. Proper use of hyaluronic acid or ferulic acid is a good way to balanced skin hydration for both oily and dry skin types. Fragrance-free product should be preferred for sensitive skin. If you have break-out prone skin, you should select noncomedogenic moisturizer.

Lip Care

Lips get chapped and dry due to severe weather conditions. Using an spf 30 lip balm regularly would not only restore and nourish your lips, it will also keep them hydrated.

Eye Care and Perfect Brows

How would you like a bride with puffy eyes and dark circles? A bride should avoid stress and take a lot of sleep. Get some nice eye cream or eye gel. It will help relieving puffiness around your eyes.
Beauty tips for brides before marriage to not ignore? Get the perfect A-list brows before your marriage with the help of some professional beautician.

Don’t Forget Hands and Feet

French manicure and pedicure is an essential part of bridal beauty tips. Do not ignore them. You can hide your feet in wedding shoes but not your hands. Specially in the moment of ring exchange. Beautify your hands with French manicure. Manicure pedicure must be done a day before wedding.

Test your Cosmetics

Buy your bridal cosmetics earlier and test them on your skin. This way you will know which product is suitable for your skin type and which one can cause reaction.

Relieve Stress

These are the days when brides-to-be’s get stressed out normally. It will affect your overall health badly. So relax! Take a day off to spa, with buddies, hubby-to-be or all alone. You need it.

Exfoliate Your Elbows

Most of the time brides pay heed to all other beauty tips for brides before marriage but forget about their elbows. You must get rid of the dead skin and dry patches on your elbow to get that wholesome beauty. Weekly use of salt scrub with sodium bicarbonate, in the bath will miraculously remove the damaged and dry skin. Glycolic peel is also effective for extremely dry patches. But it must be used by your aesthetician.