Changing Trends in India Bridal Wear

Indian brides have, since a very long time, associated themselves with bright colours, such as, red or pink. Since time immemorial, bridal wear has been synonymous with heavy lehengas with intricate gota patti work and weighing close to 15-20 kgs.
However, the modern Indian bride is changing. And how! Brides these days prefer no-nonsense, lightweight lehengas or bridal attire that is easy-to-carry and doesn’t leave them gasping for breath.
Here we have for you some latest trends which show a huge change in Indian bridal wear.
1. Pastel Colours Are Slowly Making Their Way In The Bridal Attire:

Not just bright reds, pinks, or maroons, Indian brides are now experimenting with pastel shades like yellows, peaches, and more. The Indian bride is no longer afraid to experiment with her look and choose different colours to stand out and finally let go of traditional colours suitable for Indian brides.
2. Brides Are Experimenting With Silhouettes:

Gone are the days of the shy Indian bride! With time, the brides have evolved and become more confident about their bridal attire and the way they carry themselves. Nowadays, brides do not shy away from daring blouse cuts, and experimental lehenga cuts.
3. Fusion Gowns Are Slowly Gaining Popularity:

Who says that gowns are a thing of the West? Indian brides are really experimenting and not shying away from flaunting their curves in an Indo-Western gown. While this trend may not be so popular on the wedding day, fusion gowns are slowly making their mark felt in other pre-wedding functions or even the reception.
4. Sheer Fabrics Are The New IT:

Gone are the days when Indian brides preferred their bridal wear in heavy fabrics like silk or brocade. Indian brides prefer to keep their attire light and in sync with latest trends by introducing sheer fabrics with net or zari detailing. For that matter, even georgette and satin have found their way in Indian bridal wear leaving breathing space for her in her outfit.
5. Long Jackets Are Gaining Popularity

While small cholis have always been in vogue, Indian brides are now experimenting with long jackets in place of the former. And, when a bride wears a long, heavily embellished jacket, the ghaghra is kept subtle with minimal or no embroidery.
6. Metallics Are In:

The metallic finish is quite a rage in wedding wear these days. With most big fashion houses experimenting with metallic hues, Indian brides too, are not shying away from making a mark in their wedding functions with a tinge of metallic colours in their outfits for various functions.
7. Monochromes Are The New Favourites:

Another trend that has found a place in the Indian bridal wear scene is that brides, from top to bottom, adorn themselves in a single colour. Wearing contrasting shades in the ghaghra, choli, and dupatta is a thing of the past. Brides prefer to keep their outfits in a single colour and match it with statement jewellery.
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