How to Sort Out Problems in a Relationship

How to Sort Out Problems in a Relationship

Hello Readers, today we are going to talk about a very important topic that is How to Sort Out Problems in a Relationship. As we all know there are many up and down that comes in a relation. But letting your relation go is not a solution. We will talk about some tips and tricks that will help you to sort these problems very easily, and make your relationship up and run smoothly.

How to Sort Out Problems in a Relationship

How to Sort Out Problems in a Relationship

Phase 1 – Think about what went wrong

Before talking to your partner about your relation not going well, first sit and think, what wrong is with your relationship? What your partner wants from you and what you want from your partner. Think about the span of your relationship, how things have changed and what has put the relation in danger.

According to us this is really easy to figure out why this has happened. Whether your partner is not loyal to you. Whether your partner is not giving you enough time and importance. Whether your choices are different.

Just note down each and every aspect that you think is one of the reason of this situation. Make sure nothing left in that list, otherwise it can create problem in your relation in future.

Have an Honest Conversation with Your Partner

After sometime when things will get little smooth, Sit and talk with your partner about all things that you noted, which are not right in your relation.

Give your partner first chance to tell what he/she is feeling going wrong and discuss that if you agree with him/her on those points.

Now after he/she finishes, talk about your points and ask for his/her point of view.

Being calm is key to everything. If during your conversation, your partner get angry at you, just give a smile and try to calm him/her down.

Decide Whether Your Relation is Worth Fixing

Many relationships end for a good reason. And this is the time you decide, whether you want to continue with your relation. May be you really love and care for each other and want things to improve or now there is nothing left in your relationship so called love.

Think about your future with each other. If you don’t see any future of your relationship, then there is no point of continuing it.

Make a Game Plan Together

If you don’t want to continue your relation, then there is nothing you can do more. But if you choose to save your relation, make a game plan. What you’re going to do to make things better between both of you.

Visit Relationship Counsellor. As they are expert, they will surely help you to make your relation better.

Decide how you’re going to tackle the problems that are coming in way of your relation.

Try to spend more and more time with your partner even if you are busy with your schedules, to figure out how you both going to work on this.

Phase 2 – Bridging the Communication Gap

Learn To Open Up Again

Many relationships fails because couples stop sharing their thought and their daily lives with each other. Talk about each and everything that happens to you. Like if you had a fight or an argument with your boss or some colleague, discuss about it. Definitely both of you will feel good when you will talk about these things.

Be honest with your partner, discuss about each and every decision you’re going to take for your future. What makes you angry, what makes you conscious, what are your likes and dislikes, discuss each and everything in details. This will make you both more comfortable with each other.

If you are very busy with your schedule, at least give 15-20 minutes to your partner. Knowing how busy you were and you still called, your partner will be very happy.

Work on Compromising

The biggest reason we have seen in couples that have ruin many relationships is that they can’t compromise. They try to prove themselves right rather than being happy. Remember one thing, if you want to save your relation, you have to compromise sometimes. Compromising doesn’t mean you are smaller than your partner. It just means you love your partner very much. Some couples thinks that compromising is just hurting their self-respect. But what they actually do is to hurt their partner proving themselves superior.

Make big decisions together. Try to work together to reach a single result. Let your partner know what you think and let your partner talk what they think.

Make sure both of you know how to compromise. Never be the person who compromise every time and never be the person who doesn’t compromise at all.

Stop Fighting

Many of the relations end because couples spend most of the time fighting with each other. The thing that is most common in this process is applying restrictions on your partner. We know you both are in relations, but your partner is also having his/her personal life. If you trust him/her never restrict him/her to do anything. Let them do what they want to. Definitely it will make your relation bond strong.

Learn to listen. Never be the one who keep talking and arguing continuously. First listen to your partner and then tell him/her your point of view.

Learn to speak slowly and calmly. Don’t shout at all. It will only make the situation worse.

Phase 3 – Reconnecting

Find a New Interest to Pursue Together

You need to make your old relationship, brand new or in other words feel fresh. One of the successful way to do is to find something completely new, that you and your partner can do together.

You can start watching completely new TV Show. Just watch it with your partner every single day. Although it’s not that big as it seems, but it will definitely have a positive effect on your relation.

Find a new hobby or interest in which you both can participate together. You can take dance or painting class with each other.

Try new adventure sports together. Sports like hiking, para-gliding, sky-diving etc. You can also join gym together.

Make Time for Romance

Don’t forget to find some time from your busy schedules to spend time with each other. Plug Date Nights in your busy schedules. Remember, look good, smell good and feel great before you set out together. You should try something new every week on your date nights.

We know giving love letters to each other is very old idea. But write down little notes showing how much you love your partner and hand over that note to your partner on your every date. Write something good about them in it. Never forget to tell your partner how much you love him/her and what you feels for them.

Go on a trip together. Spending more and more time with each other will make your relation better. New environment and surroundings will let you fall in love again.

We hope that you will definitely like this post on How to Sort Out Problems in a Relationship. Just try these tips and tricks and definitely it will help you to make your relationship better again. Don’t forget to share your experience with us after trying these tips and tricks.

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