Top 10 Interesting Facts About Indian Wedding

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Indian Wedding

Indian Weddings are well known for prosperity of energy, filled with energetic colors and romantic atmosphere. It’s the only occasion that brings family, friends and neighbors together under one roof for one day. Definitely it’s one of the most important day for both bride and groom. Indian marriages consists of many rituals and traditions. Although we are very familiar with the Indian tradition like exchange of garlands and Indian Wedding brides wearing beautiful jewellery. Here we are mentioning 10 interesting facts about Indian wedding that you may not know.

More Than Just a Day of Celebration


More Than Just a Day of Celebration


Indian weddings are different from western wedding ceremonies that only last for one day. Indian wedding ceremonies consist of three phase.

  • Pre-day wedding traditions
  • Actual wedding day rituals
  • Post-wedding day celebrations

This simply means that an Indian marriage can last for weeks depending on different rituals, traditions and caste system.

Sixteen Steps To Beauty


Sixteen Steps to Beauty

A traditional named as ‘Solah Shringar’ is very popular in India. Solah Shringar is a sixteen step process of beautification, which is only enjoyed by bride of Indian Weddings. Ladies of brides household take part in this ritual that includes following beautification process.

Styling Brides Hair
Accessorizing bride with traditional wedding ornaments

Pass The Sweets

Another tradition, that is moreover superstition than ritual is for the bride and grooms to share the same sweet drink and other food items during the wedding ceremony. Many Indian people believe that this will increase the love between bride and groom.

Seven Vows To Seal The Deal


Seven Steps of Marriage

According to the rituals and traditions, it requires bride and groom to make seven vows to deal the wedding ceremony and to bind them together forever in one string of love. These seven vows includes prayers to god for prosperity, wealth, health. Both bride and groom take some pledge to respect and look after each other and pray for their love to grow.

Shoe Stealing

Shoe Stealing

One of the most interesting and amazing ritual of Indian wedding ceremonies is for the groom to remove his shoes during the vow and Pheras ceremony. Then sisters of bride steal those pair of shoes and after the completion of vow and Pheras ceremony, groom must pay for the safe return of his shoes. Bargaining is the most interesting part of this tradition where Groom try to bargain the amount to get his shoes back in very less amount.

Fishing The Ring


Another popular wedding ritual is ‘Aeki-Beki’. It is very popular between Gujarati community. A tray is filled with mixture of water, milk and vermillion (Red Color). Then some coins and a ring is placed inside water. Then Bride and Groom are given 7 chances to find out that ring. The one who will find that ring more often will be the more dominating personality in the wedding, and is predicted to rule the household.

Right Foot Forward


Right Foot Forward

Another superstitious ceremony of the wedding take place after bride is taken to her new house with her husband. The bride must enter the house with her right foot and then uses her right foot to knock over a rice vessel. This ensures the good luck not only for the bride and groom but also for all of her new family.

Shake Your Kaleere


Wearing beautiful Kaleere is very popular among Punjabi brides. Kaleere is basically a silver or gold plated ornament that is attached to the ‘Chudas’. It is said that leaves on the Kaleere represents the number of true friends that bride has. After the wedding ceremony, the bride will shake that Kaleere over the heads of all unmarried girls – if the Kaleere falls on the head of any girl. It is assumed that she will be the next to marry.

The Evil Eye


It is another tradition to keep evil eyes away from both bride and groom by covering their hands during the completion of ‘Pheras’.

Find The Henna


Henna Decoration or Mehndi is the most important part of the traditional Indian Wedding. According to the rituals, while weaving Mehndi on the hand of both bride and groom, the henna artist must weave the name of both bride and groom on each other hand. Then bride and groom must find both names in the design. Indian Bride cannot do any household work until her Mehndi completely fades away.

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